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Pleated Blinds


Sleek and simple Pleated blinds filter the light coming into your room beautifully, offering a great way to play with shade and color.

Pleated blinds are the perfect solution to almost any window shape from circles to triangles and sloped shapes. Custom-made to fit, not matter the shape or size. Pleated fabrics in a range of fade-resistant colors, translucent through to opaque options and heat reflective coatings are available for enhanced sun protection and light control making Pleated blinds an ideal solution.


  • Performance fabrics have been cleverly designed to keep excessive heat out in the summer and the warmth in during the winter.
  • A gorgeous range of sheer fabrics is also available making Pleated blinds a stylish alternative to net curtains.
  • Available in blackout and screen fabric
  • Another important feature of these fabrics is fire retardant, giving you extra peace of mind.
  • Pleated blinds can be used for a wide variety of window shapes and sizes including skylights, arched and triangular.

  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Conservatory
  • Roof
  • Bathroom

Vacuuming: for deeper cleaning, vacuum gently with a brush attachment of any vacuum cleaner. Most products may be vacuumed using vertical strokes.

  • Use the cord to raise and lower
  • or if you choose tab blinds move the blind tothe desired position using the thumb tab on the bottom rail